An integrated management system, is one which incorporates the requirements of two or more standards into one uniform system.

Every company that produces something, provides a service and is operating successfully has a management system, although it may be informal and even inconsistent, it is still your management system.

When implementing an integrated management system, it is about building on the system you already have, filling gaps, providing consistency and clarity and ensuring that all the elements of the standards you want to apply are fulfilled.

The most common integrated systems incorporate a combination of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 but can also include other standards too such as ISO 27001 or ISO 22000.

An integrated management system can add real benefit to an organisation by:

  • Ensuring that operational management, quality, safety and environmental management are all aligned to the overall business strategy.
  • Provides the framework for achieving sustainable business success.
  • Continuous improvement is built into all aspects of the organisation
  • Improved communication, participation and clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Prevents duplication of documentation and processes. All the requirements are integrated in your standard ways of working rather than being standalone activities.
  • Maximises the resources available
  • Reduces auditing costs of individual standards


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