Types of Training

Training can be death by PowerPoint, or it can be relevant, engaging and help to make quality, environmental and safety systems in your organisation a reality. Any training we provide ensures that the audience is engaged, participates and learns.

Contact us to develop a training programme that suits your systems and requirements including:

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling injuries still are responsible for 1/3 of lost time injuries in Ireland. Training is only part of the solution, but is an important part. …Read more

Safety Training

It is essential that your leaders and employees are fully engaged in your safety programme. At Bambus Solutions we can provide training for employees, Managers, or those responsible for implementing the safety management system bespoke to your company risks and management program.

ISO Management Systems

In house courses, tailored to your requirements. Have you sat through all the free seminars, webinars and read all the sales brochures – now you want someone who can give guidance on the areas specific to your organisation. Call us now to discuss and we can arrange training and/or workshops to help you progress on your ISO implementation, transition or improvement.


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