Framework for success

All companies strive to have a business that is easy to manage, works efficiently, and where actions add value, staff are engaged at all levels and there are strong foundations for growth and success. Having worked at senior management level in organisations for many years, I know that if implemented properly, ISO 9001 Quality Management System can provide an effective framework for any size or type of company and give very positive benefits including:

  • establishing a clear strategic direction.
  • identification of positive and negative factors that could have an impact on achieving company goals ensuring mitigation or positive actions are planned and achieved.
  • an understanding and action plan in place to manage relevant risks and opportunities.
  • a clear view of customers’ requirements and satisfaction levels.
  • Trained, informed, competent staff
  • a good handle on how outsourced or subcontracted activities are performing
  • ongoing improvement

“Good Business” management system

The focus of ISO 9001 is quality, consistent customer satisfaction and continuous improvement all of which is just good business. Like any system, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. It is in the “how “you do all of this that determines if the management system is good for you and your business. Your management system should be developed and implemented so that it is fundamentally how you and your organisation work effectively to deliver consistent customer satisfaction. It should be so aligned and integrated with your overall business that you cannot distinguish the “quality management system” from the “business management system”. It is “just how you do things around here “.  Yes, it takes some effort to implement and requires maintenance, but that maintenance is aligned with good business practices and continual improvement providing the framework for success and growth.

Our company name Bambus is derived from the word Bamboo, symbolising structure, versatility & growth. Your management system should be the same, providing a structure and a framework for growth yet capable of adapting with the constant changes that businesses encounter.

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