Success in tenders can be essential to your company’s strategy and business success. Preparing and submitting the tenders can be stressful and cumbersome requiring significant resources to complete.

Certification to one of the well-recognised ISO Management Systems can really help. How?

Typical Difficulties

Typical problems encountered writing a tender

  • trying to put into words how you consistently achieve customer requirements or how you manage safety or environmental performance, dependent on scope of the tender.
  • providing good case studies with the necessary records to back it up
  • time and resources to answer all the requirements.
  • Pre-requisite. For some tender’s certification to certain ISO standards can be a pre-requisite. Alternatively, if ISO certification is not in place, the applicant must answer a lot of questions to prove they have equivalent standards in place.

How ISO helps alleviate some of these problems:

Save Time: With a well implemented and documented management system, many of the required answers are already documented e.g. how do you deal with complaints, how do you ensure legal and other requirements are always adhered to, how do you manage subcontractors……

Clear Process: On a day to day basis the wheels keep turning and you get the job done whatever it takes, but it can be hard to put in words how you do this. Implementing ISO ensures you clarify what your process is. For example, with ISO 9001 quality management system it ensures a clear process is defined from order to delivery to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Great Case Studies:

ISO ensures you have a proper process in place for documenting and maintaining records. Pulling together good case studies that show you off in your best light are really important for the tendering process. Take the pain away by knowing that your records are up to date, completed properly and filed correctly !


Which ISO standard is right for you?

Common ISO standards requested or useful for tender process dependent on your business

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Standard

ISO 45001:2018 Safety Management System Standard.


Call us now for a free consultation to see which standard is right for you and how to establish an effective management system for your business.